Authenticated Beanie Babies Price Guide

During the heyday of Ty Beanie Babies, many counterfiet versions poured onto the marketplace like wildfire. Savvy Beanie collectors during that time turned their passion for the collectibles into a business and began authenticating Beanie Babies.

Authenticated Beanie Babies come in a sealed plastic case. The cost to authenticate is generally $15+ for the top level service. The two most active Beanie Babies authenticators still going are True Blue Beans and Peggy Gallagher. Toghether they have authenticated tens of thousands of Beanie Babies.

Some authenticated Ty Beanie Babies can sell for hundreds of dollars.

Click on the links below to see what the authenticated version sells for.

1999 Holiday Teddy – 5th Generation

2000 Holiday Teddy – 6th Generation

Bessie – 3rd Generation

Billionaire Bear #1 – 5th Generation

Billionaire Bear #3 – 9th Generation

Billionaire Bear #4 – 9th Generation

Billionaire Bear #5 – 10th Generation

Billionaire Bear #9 – 14th Generation

Billionaire Bear #10 – 15th Generation

Billionaire Bear #11 – 15th Generation

Billionaire Bear #15 – 19th Generation

Bones – 3rd Generation

Bongo – 3rd Generation

Bronty – 3rd Generation

Bucky – 3rd Generation

Bumble – 3rd Generation

Caw – 3rd Generation

Coral – 4th Generation

Curly – 4th Generation

Daisy – 3rd Generation

Derby – 3rd Generation

Flash – 3rd Generation

Flip – 3rd Generation

Flutter – 3rd Generation

Garcia – 3rd-4th Generation

Germania – 5th Generation

Glory – 5th Generation

Gobbles – 5th Generation

Goldie – 2nd Generation

Graf von Rot – 7th Generation

Groom – 10th Generation

Happy – 3rd Generation

Hero – 11th Generation

Hoot – 3rd Generation

Humphrey – 2nd Generation

Inch – 3rd Generation

Inky – 1st Generation

Lucky – 3rd Generation

March – Birthday Bear

May – Birthday Bear

Mystic – 3rd Generation

Nip – 3rd Generation

Peace – 5th Generation

Pinky – 3rd Generation

Princess – 5th Generation

Righty – 4th Generation

Ringo – 3rd Generation

Sakura – 6th Generation

Sly – 4th Generation

Speedy – 1st Generation

Squealer – 2nd Generation

Steg – 3rd Generation

Sting – 3rd Generation

Tabasco – 3rd Generation

Teddy “Old Face” – Jade Version – 2nd Generation

Teddy “Old Face” – Magenta Version – 1st-2nd Generation

Teddy “Old Face” – Teal Version – 1st Generation

Trap – 2nd Generation

Vanda – 10th Generation

Velvet – 3rd Generation

Wales – 7th Generation

Web – 2nd Generation

Woody – 10th Generation

Ziggy – 3rd Generation

Zip – 2nd Generation

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Tgries5 - December 22, 2016

I have a March 23, 1998 praying Hope Bear that I would like to sell. I would like to know if someone would actually give me 3,000. It would be nice so I can my my baby’s grave marker.

joytotheworld57 - July 18, 2017

i have a giving bear and a m&ms. what are they worth?

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