Garcia Authenticated Beanie Babies Price Guide

3rd Generation

Hang Tag Generation: 3rd Generation

Tush Tag Generation: 2nd Generation

Authenticated By: True Blue Beans

Sold For$167 - November 2018
Sold For: $82 December 2016
Sold For: $79 - September 2018
Sold For: $52 - August 2021

4th Generation

Garcia Ty Beanie Babies

Hang Tag Generation: 4th Generation

Tush Tag Generation: 3rd Generation

Authenticated By: Pbbags, True Blue Beans

Sold For$34 - November 2018
Sold For: $16.50 December 2016

Authenticated Beanie Babies Price Guide

Hang Tag Information Guide

Tush Tag Information Guide

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Rebecca Boyens - April 29, 2021

Hi I have a garcia bear. Actually 2. 1 of them i purchased myself at age 16 (1995 i think) at a local store in my town. 2 weeks later they got pulled off the shelf. I also have 1 my friend gifted me. I do not know the history of the 2nd bear. But Id like to have my original 1 authenticated. And also to know if the 2nd bear is a legit bear.

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